Simulate a PC as a Web Server with AppServ.

AppServ is a PC emulator, a web server that brings together many open source software, with the following main packages

– Apache
– phpMyAdmin.

AppServ 8.6.0 comes with PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0 (switchable versions) with the following key features

– Apache 2.4.18
– PHP 5.6.17
– PHP 7.0.2
– MySQL 5.7.10
– phpMyAdmin
– Supports TLS, SSL or https
– Switchable PHP versions as needed
– Only supports Windows versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


How to install
1. Download AppServ from the website By choosing the version you want to install.

2. Double click the file. appserv-win32-xxxexe To install. 

3. Enter the program terms of use, which the AppServ program is distributed in the GNU License if the installer Read various conditions Finished If accepting the conditions, click Next to proceed with the installation. If not agreeing to the conditions, press Cancel to exit the AppServ application installation. 

4. Enter the destination selection process to install. By default, the installation destination will be C: AppServ.
To change the installation destination, click Browse and select the desired destination. When the destination is selected, click Next to proceed to the next installation process.

5. Choose the Package Components you want to install. By default, will choose to install every package, but if the user Want to select specific packages, can choose according to the desired item The details of each package are as follows:
– Apache HTTP Server is a program that makes a page as a Web Server.
– MySQL Database is a program that acts as a Database Server
– PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a program that performs functions in the language of PHP
– phpMyAdmin is a program. Used to manage the MySQL database through the website.
Once the Package has been selected, click Next to proceed to the installation process.

6. Configure all the Apache Web Server configurations. 3 The figure shown in Figure 5 is
– Server Name is the field for entering your Web Server name such as
– Admin Email is a field for entering information. Admin email, such as [email protected]
– HTTP Port is the port for specifying the port to use Apache Web Server. In general, Protocol
– HTTP has the main value of 80. If you want to avoid using Port 80, you can Can edit
If there is a change in the Port for accessing the Web Server every time you use the website
It is necessary to specify the port number. For example, if you choose to use Port 99 for every website use, you must use So it can be used.

7. There are 3 parts of the MySQL Database configuration
– Root Password is a field for entering Access password for Root database or System Administrator.
Every time accessing the database as an administrator, specify user user root.
– Character Sets are used to configure the language system used to store database, sort database,
import database, export database, contact database

8. Finish the AppServ program installation process. For this final step, there will be a choice whether to request Apache and MySQL to run immediately, then click Finish to finish the AppServ program installation

9. Test run work http: // localhost

From all steps, you are now able to simulate a PC as a Web Server.