Rice mixed with shrimp paste, one dish has 5 nutrients groups, not too high in calories

Rice mixed with shrimp paste. There are 5 nutrients groups. Steamed rice mixed with shrimp paste is “Carbohydrates” contain sweet pork, dried shrimp, fried shredded omelette Or may have Chinese sausage as “protein” from meat Oil used to fry rice Fry ingredients are “fat” shrimp paste condiment is the “salt” the vegetable side of cucumbers, beans, soy mango, chopped red onions and lemon pepper, shredded a “natural”

nutritional value of rice with shrimp paste 1 dish depends. Eat more, eat less, such as sweet pork and Chinese sausage will increase the calories. With one serving of 410-614 kilocalories (690 pork leg rice), about 1/3 of the recommended energy intake per day Fit for a meal


Advantages of rice mixed with shrimp paste
There are a lot of vegetables as a side dish. Should eat all the vegetables in the dish Especially raw mangoes have vitamin C. If fresh squeezed squeezed lemons Added before eating to get more vitamin C.

If the shrimp paste is very salty, there will be a lot of sodium minerals. Not suitable for people with high blood pressure problems. Can eat but don’t eat often