[Give away recipes] Mama Bomb, Top Lava Eggs
, Mama Bomb, Top Lava Eggs, just 4 ingredients, easy to make, delicious, explosive!

Mama Bomb Bomb Top Lava Eggs
1. Mama Big Pack Tom Yum Shrimp Flavor 1 pack (Large pack)
2. Clean water 300ml.
3. Bouncy pork 400g
4. Onsen eggs or 1 soft-boiled egg


How to make a Mama Bomb with Lava Eggs.
1. Heat the pot to boil. Bring the noodles to boil, then soften the prepared spoon.

2. Then pour 300 Ml. Of clean water into the pot, then pour the sachet of condiments and chili paste in the sachet into Boil to dissolve and boil

3. Pour half of the pork into the cup. Then fill the noodles with the scalded noodles, then bounce the pork to bounce the other half and then spread it to be round

4. Heat the pot to boil. Pour hot water over the bouncy pork wrapped in instant noodles and pour the water out. Do alternate like this 3 rounds then cut the pork to bounce into the bowl to boil.

5. Turn over and boil thoroughly. When the pork is bouncy, it will change color. Then spoon the boiled pork bounce onto a plate or bowl.

6. Pour the tom yum soup to top over the bouncy pork. And top with onsen eggs

Just that, my friend had a delicious lava egg top mama to eat at Covid’s detention.


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