Kantary Hotel 304, Prachinburi send happiness “Delivery” with various delicious pleasing

Kantary Hotel 304, Prachinburi. Delivering a variety of delicious dishes to your home. European, Japanese and Thai food, bringing a taste of almost 100 items, including soups, salads, pizza, pasta, hamburgers, fast food sandwiches, as well as vegetarian dishes such as grilled pork chop with mushroom sauce (300 baht net), wrapped beef tenderloin Grilled bacon with mushroom sauce (400 baht net), grilled sea bass with butter sauce (280 baht net), clam spaghetti (260 baht net), beef lasagna (250 baht net), baked spinach with cheese (170 baht net), Caesar salad (150 baht net), Nissau salad (150 baht net), vegetarian pizza (240 baht net), Parma ham and mushroom pizza (360 baht net), salmon pizza ( 300 baht net), Sushi Bento Set (300 baht net), Salmon grilled rice set with salt or soy sauce (280 baht net), Pad Thai fresh shrimp (140 baht net), Chicken roasted noodles (120 baht net), fried rice American (net 160 baht),Fried rice with shrimp paste (150 baht net) and many other delicious menus to choose from, every day from 06.00-21.00 hrs. (Last order 20:30 hrs.) Free delivery for a minimum order of 1,000 baht Up in the Si Maha Phot district area From today – 30 June 2020

Can call to order food delivery Or ask for more details at Kantary Hotel 304 Prachinburi, call 037-239-777 or visit the website at www.kantarycollection.com/kantaryhotel-prachinburi304/

** The Cape & Kantary Hotels group of hotels supports the prevention of animal cruelty, which the hotel has a clear policy prohibiting the sale of shark fins, bird’s nest and goose liver in every hotel restaurant **