Things to do Crispy Salmon Skin

– Salmon skin approximately 600 grams
– Salt flower
– White or black pepper is optional
– Crispy flour or Corn flour
– oil for frying
– Pri Sriracha Sauce (Dip in Sauce)

How to make crispy salmon skin.

1. Wash and clean fish skin To dampen or use a dry mop Have time to dry the skin of the fish without drying it up to the point of being dry
2. Mix the fish and salt flower.
3. Add pepper and mix thoroughly.
4. Fish skin to be coated with crispy fried flour or corn flour to be fried.
5. .. The temperature of the oil is suitable, about a hundred degrees.

** Oil should be used for frying And put enough to fry once
Do not add oil while frying. Tapping the dough a little, with bubbles. Show that the oil is hot at No need to turn on high heat but when adding the fish skin to fry We have to adjust the heat to a higher temperature to heat the oil. Weak the fish skin with oil.

Data from Youtube: Wanchen do Wanwan