[Give away recipes] Prawns, crispy donuts, delicious, full pieces of shrimp

#Prawn donut ingredients

  • 500 grams white shrimp meat (use any shrimp Except shrimp)
  • 1 pack of 90 grams of original flour flavored batter (mixed with shrimp)
  • Creamy or mayonnaise dressing 50 grams
  • Original Batter Flour 90 grams (dry flour for knead)
  • 2 eggs
  • Breadcrumbs

#How to make shrimp donuts

1. Cut the shrimp meat into small pieces, pour in the prepared mixing bowl.

2. Add fried batter or crispy batter With mayonnaise or salad cream to mix together

3. Pour the crispy batter into a tray or dish. Rub the flour with both hands. And scoop 1 spoonfuls of raw rice

4. Scoop the mixture on the hand. Rolling on the hands alternately to make the dough stick Then use your fingers to style the ingredients To form a donut

5. Sprinkle the flour in the pan onto the mixture. And help to style it again

6. Place the mixture face down on a baking sheet with flour and sprinkle the top again. And use your fingers to style

7. Use the paddle to scoop up the shrimp donuts in the pan. Put it on your hand From then, chili hand switch back and forth. To remove excess flour

8. Put the shrimp donuts in the freezer to freeze until fully frozen. Hit the egg and beat until cracked and pour the bread crumbs into a bowl.

9. When finished preparing other ingredients, set the pan in half with oil. Turn on medium heat, waiting for hot oil.

10. Pour the egg donut with the shrimp, coating 1 time.

11. Then scoop up to mix with the bread crumbs 1 time before frying.

12. Fry the shrimp donuts until golden brown Then scoop up to drain and drain the oil

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