“Homepro Fair, Chiang Mai” Shopping for products complete with new ways, up to 70% off. This July 12 – 12 only 10 days at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition Center.

Homepro celebrating D-day Transporting happiness to the north, organizing the “Home Pro Fair Chiang Mai” Fair for home That everyone must come Back again with the trade show. And grandiose home decor that responds to new ways Under the concept of Happy Home Healthy Living, stay at home with style, shopping for value, complete with new ways, up to 70% off. Find products for home lovers in full style. With special promotions Come back and serve all with all shopping … Free Home Pro gift cards worth up to 20,000 baht. Installment privileges for 0% for up to 20 months and more. Great value throughout 10 full days from 3 – 12 July 63 at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition Center. Sales of over 100 million baht

Ms Siriwan Sermcheep, general manager of marketing communications at Home Product Center Public Company Limited or HomePro, revealed that the HomePro Fair in Chiang Mai is the first big event after the outbreak of the Covid-19. In Thailand began to unwind The company therefore took advantage of the opportunity that the OECD announced in the 3rd installment gauge for organizing a home fair. In order to stimulate the purchase of goods in the beginning of the 3rd quarter, creating money flow in the country After the economic disruption came for a month This fair is organized in a way that responds to new lifestyles or New Normal. There will be fever screening measures. And check to wear a mask at the entrance at every point As well as organizing the registration point for the “Thai Win” platform to record the entry-exit of the fair area Help control And prevent disease effectively

In addition, the main highlight of the HomePro Fair, Chiang Mai, is to bring home products to receive with the New Normal. Change the old environment to meet the new Lifestyle. HomePro has products that meet all segments, all lifestyles, such as customers who have to work at home (Work from Home) Customers who want to entertain at home rather than going out (Entertainment Home) Student group Students who have to learn online (Learning at Home) and those who love health. I like to cook (Eating at Home) products necessary for home care, repair, renovation and home service services, free installation, replacement of products, repairing products guaranteed by a team of professional technicians. In order to truly be the Total Home Solution.

Homepro Fair, Chiang Mai, will be held from 3 – 12 July 2020 at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition Center in a different shopping atmosphere. But worth the same Including social distancing for safety But tied the house lover close together With a procession of goods And home decorations, a new trend for the rainy season Up to 70% off for the whole 10 days, complete with combo, value, missing, both Super Shock products !! Shop at shock value, discount shock value and SHOCK Price products. Shock price back to shop together, such as washing machine with free installation !!, refrigerator, air conditioning, LED TV, sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, appliances. Warm water, mattress, home appliances, furniture, tiles, home repair materials and much more.

Don’t miss out on the best value promotions for home lovers. One and only privilege from the card of the true home lover HomePro Visa Platinum credit card members receive 2-value value at 1, receive 3% discount from the first baht While also receiving an additional 13% off when redeeming points equal to the 2nd payment amount, receive an additional 2% cash back when fully swiping Or get installment rights for the entire event Choose a period of time itself, up to 4-6 months. For Home Pro First Choice card members, get 0% installment payment for a maximum of 12 months, plus a 20,000 baht cash back.

Special privileges More value shopping Only for home card members. Just use the points on the card as much as the purchase. Redeem for additional discounts up to 20% if the points on the card are not enough. Points can be transferred from HomePro Visa Platinum, KTC, Thanachart credit cards to top up as home card points instantly. And do not forget to get on-site privileges for the home card Just register at the service point and receive free immediately. The discount coupon is worth 1,100 baht with check redeemed before shopping. For the best value, bring 100 points to exchange for 100 baht discount for 10 full days.

Special for WEEKDAY STAR week of return. Special discounted products on weekdays Monday – Friday (3 Jul 63 and 6-10 Jul 63) Get an additional 15% discount for home card members when using points. Equal to the purchase amount Get the privilege to buy quality products of famous brands at a special price, such as 70-inch Samsung LED TV, 55-inch LED TV, LG refrigerator, Sharp washing machine, LG air conditioner, DOS ground water tank , And many more, ready to come back again With great value promotions that anyone would want “Complete Shopping … Get Free” Gift Vouchers. Home Pro Shop get 50,000 baht, get gift card worth 1,500 baht, Buy 100,000 baht get gift card worth 3,500 baht, Purchase 200,000 baht, get 8,000 gift card and shop Spend 400,000 baht. Receive a 20,000 baht gift card or when you shop 8,000 baht or more / receipt on Monday-Friday, receive an additional 400 baht discount coupon at the end of the receipt. Special for HomePro Connect members. Scan now and receive a free 400 baht discount coupon.

Providing continuous value Meet the exhibition of premium happiness. Just bring the accumulated points from the home card or participating credit cards. Come to exchange for free collectibles !! At the cashier point such as pillows, rugs, neck pillows, garden sets including leisure chairs, multipurpose tables, barbecue grills, multipurpose buckets and more. Pay with 0% installment payment for up to 20 months from many leading financial institutions such as KTC, SCB, City, BBL, First Choice, TMB, Thanachart, KBank, UOB, AEON.

Find a fair on new styles of houses, New Normal style, guaranteed shopping, great value products, all new ways. Stay in the perfect style of home. Ready to pay attention to full safety measures for the Northern brothers and sisters at the “HomePro Fair Chiang Mai” event from 3 – 12 July 2020, this 10 days only at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition Center. www.homeprofair.com