Caltex delivers strong promotion Add Caltex oil today. Get a 100 baht discount code immediately for the next top-up.

Chevron (Thai) Company Limited, a world-class gas service station under the brand “Caltex”, encourages customers to fully Caltex gas stations throughout Thailand. Simply refuel at Caltex gas stations. Participating nationwide (Except Caltex Diesel B20) up to 600 baht and with @iLoveCaltex immediately receive a registration coupon, receive a 100 baht discount code to use as a discount on refilling Caltex oil from 700 baht the next time With a maximum of 2 coupons per 1 receipt per 1 gas refueling, and a registration limit of 100 baht for a maximum of 4 coupons per month per phone number Which start giving coupons from today – 31 August this year and can use the code to get a discount up to 15 September 2020

Follow news And other activities From Caltex at and @Line iLoveCaltex or for more information at Customer Service Center, call 02 081 4123 (Monday – Friday from 08:30 – 19:30 hrs) and can search for gas stations nationwide through the mobile application “Caltex Station Locator” ( Caltex Station Locator)