Thonburi Hospital 2 arranges health checkup packages for healthy Mom Lifestyle

Thonburi Hospital 2 wants everyone to be healthy. Health conscious in the Covid-19 era Unlock new life with “Healthy Mom Lifestyle” package. Check 18 items, special price 2,990 baht from normal 6,770 baht, such as blood pressure check Check blood sugar levels Check blood lipid levels Liver function tests, kidneys, blood cell integrity etc.

Special privileges for those who buy the “Healthy Mom Lifestyle” package.

  • Special privilege 1, get the right to buy 4 strains of influenza vaccine. Price 390 baht
  • Special privilege 2, 25% discount for additional Lab / X-ray and special examination programs
  • Special privilege 3 for free! Gift Voucher 300 baht discount when purchasing a gastrointestinal endoscope package. And endoscopy (Suitable for people aged 50 and over)

From 1 July – 31 August 2020.
For more information or appointments in advance at Health examination center Tel. 02-487-2100 ext. 5155, 5158 or facebook: Thonburi2 Hospital, Thonburi 2 Hospital and