8 August 2022
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Free Press Release Thetaradev.com News Release Providing free press release services thetaradev.com Pleased to be a medium for disseminating useful information to the general public.


1. To add images to the news, please resize the image to the stated size is 768 × 428 pixel for the beauty of Impressions on the page If you put a vertical image larger than the size set by the website The system will automatically cut the image.

2.Causing the news image to be cut off Or not beautiful proportions Therefore, please ask for cooperation in resizing news images as well.2. Your press release Will be inspected within 24 hours (Monday-Friday business hours) and within 48 hours (Saturday-Sunday holiday)

3. Do not publish references to other people or organizations. That will cause damage And a lawsuit.

4. If you encounter problems in releasing news releases Or request to amend information Please send an email to panyapost12@gmail.com

*** 5. In case you leave news via email In order to be posted on the website to promote your products or news
The website does not have a policy for updating news. You can leave news by yourself on this website link. Leave a press release.

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