Bangkok, Thailand. As a globally recognised tourism destination, Bangkok is a magnet for travellers, including MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) visitors drawn to the city’s vibrant offerings and commitment to sustainability. Local hotels and conference venues are increasingly focused on eco-friendly designs and sustainable practices.

dwp | design worldwide partnership, a leading international architecture and design firm with over 30 years experience in Thailand, is at the forefront of this transformation. dwp was appointed for the interior planning and design of the BDMS Connect Center, affirming its dedication to innovative and sustainable design solutions.

Ms. Kanidtha Pattanapanitchakul, Design Director at dwp, commented on the project’s vision, stating, “The BDMS Connect Center is set to become a benchmark for environmentally conscious design in the MICE industry.” The design philosophy, encapsulated in the motto “Create, Integrate, Connect” aims to fuse modern technology with natural elements, inspired by Southeast Asia’s lush rainforests. The design concept has four distinct zones, each mirroring a layer of the rainforest ecosystem: Forest Floor (1st floor); Under Canopy (2nd floor); Canopy (3rd floor); and Emergents (4th floor). This concept offers visitors a unique, immersive experience that highlights the order, intricacy, and beauty of nature.

The project prioritised materials that are sustainable and conducive to obtaining LEED Certification, ensuring energy-efficient construction. Additionally, suppliers were carefully chosen based on their commitment to sustainable practices.

The BDMS Connect Center stands out for its balanced approach to design: combining aesthetic appeal with environmental responsibility. A world class meeting & events venue in the heart of Bangkok, the BDMS Connect Center is also a statement in sustainable design, achieving high standards for energy efficiency and user’s wellbeing, as evidenced by its Fitwel certification. Ms. Kanidtha emphasised “dwp considers the prioritisation of environmental sustainability to be an absolute necessity in all of our designs. We ensure that our work follows five principles: Sustainable Materials, Local Sourcing, Indoor Air Quality, Water Conservation, and Flexible Spaces. This focus on sustainability is aligned with our early adoption of technological advancements. As early adopters and leaders in the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), dwp are now leveraging AI generative design to enhance performance and expedite generation of its creative concepts. At the same time, our work provides a ‘Sense of Place’, creating an emotional connection with users of our spaces, as part of commitment to Design for a Better World”.

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